Embracing UX Tools for Innovative Design


Embracing UX Tools for Innovative Design

By: Malena Lorito

Have you ever faced an empty canvas, unsure where to begin? Or taken on a client's project, feeling like a trailblazer on an unknown path?

As designers, we're always chasing the answer to the question: "How can we solve this?" It's a constant challenge, merging requirements, user needs, brand identity, and visual aesthetics. Constraints guide us like signposts in the creative landscape.

But here's the deal: Constraints aren't roadblocks; they're guides. They steer our creativity, pointing us toward inventive solutions. Imagine trying to navigate endless possibilities without those guiding markers!

During my exploration of fine arts, I came across an interesting exercise: creating a lifelike piece using just two colours and their gradients. The key was to pair complementary shades for contrast. This idea translates to design, where constraints shape our creativity. Similar to how design tools keep us focused, real-world limits give our designs purpose. Constraints are allies, not adversaries.

A tip: Note down constraints before diving into creativity. They're like a roadmap. Also, catalog your resources—explore your toolkit, discover visuals, and blend them into a well of inspiration.

Now, categorise them. Some are familiar tools, some shine as sources of inspiration, and some are abstract sparks.
Now, the real journey begins: connect these inspirations, weaving ideas together. Let me share a real example:
Imagine "Company X," with its branding colours and design elements. Picture a new feature needing achievement badges. These badges represent milestones like weight, speed, and danger. Here's the path:

Select Nouns and Adjectives: Choose nouns (banana, pear, apple) and adjectives (speed, weight, dangerous) as guides.
Explore Representation: Find ways to visualise these adjectives—speed, weight, danger. Envision a powerful rhinoceros for weight or dynamic lines for velocity.

Experiment with Variations: Try different styles, weights, textures—a symphony of creativity.
Marry Adjectives and Nouns: Combine your ideas, creating clever unions.

Cultivate Ideas: Let creativity flow, brainstorming hybrids.
Refine and Analyse: Review sketches, identifying potential concepts.

Explore Colours: Infuse your palette, harmonizing hues across design elements.

It would be as a visual UX creative matrix or of forced association where the idea is to create as many divergents ideas as possible.

This journey moves beyond a blank page. This method, unconventional but powerful, breaks barriers and fuels innovation.

Have you tried this approach? We're eager to hear your story of growth and exploration. Share your experience!


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